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Founded in 1982 by a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Harvard Business School, PREP began operations in Fayetteville, NC. Its driving motivation was to help military professionals transition from military service by creating resumes and cover letters that "translated" their experience into "civilian language."

This was in the era of typewriters, so if customers wanted a change on a resume, the entire resume had to be retyped!! PREP transitioned to computer operations in approximately 1987 using WordStar software. After Microsoft began to market its new software called Microsoft Word, PREP transitioned from the industry standard software WordStar to Microsoft Word.

PREP added a personnel service in the 1990s and worked with customers, both military and civilian, to place them in jobs. Word spread about PREP's excellent writing services and PREP became involved in many types of specialized writing, editing, and consulting (business plans, biographies, career planning, speeches, marketing documents, etc.).

Then came the birth of PREP PUBLISHING. PREP has published excellent works of fiction (Fall From Grace won Honorable Mentions in both the general fiction and the spiritual categories at the London Book Festival).

However, the primary purpose of PREP PUBLISHING was to create nonfiction books containing job-hunting advice as well as sample resumes and cover letters oriented to specific fields (such as Nursing, Teaching, Nonprofit Industry, Police, Government) so that folks who wanted to create their own resumes would have high-quality samples targeting specific industries or types of jobs such as Aviation, Manufacturing, Construction, Customer Service, Sports Industry, and other fields. Some books provided samples so that job hunters could create an exciting "all-purpose" resume, and there is also a book just about cover letters. The nonfiction career books were designed to enrich people's lives and to help job hunters working on a tight budget.

PREP is still offering top-quality writing and other services, but we now serve customers all over the world through email. We encourage you to buy one of our outstanding books if they interest you, and you can contact us any time on the Contact Form on the Contact Us Page. You are now in the Bookstore section of our website and you can scroll down to see the complete collection of our fiction and nonfiction books. This will give you some idea of what we've been up to since 1982!

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